Monday, 25 April 2011

Playlist/ You Took A White Orchid...

(-Blue Orchid by The White Stripes-)

Just a quickie.

My beloved White Stripes split up in February. Sad face. I love the music created by Jack and Meg White and felt the urge to play tribute to the style worn by rock artists and Jack's links to the world of fashion. After all, this is a fashion blog.

A match made in heaven: Jack White and Karen Elson. 

Her vibrant red hair and equally pale skin to Jack's. Jack is not scared of red eyeshadow...or is that natural, definitely very Sweeny Todd?! His style adapts every album: from Jockey to cowboy in an effortless jump (suit!).  Anyways, Kate Elson is a British model. The two met for the creepy music video for the White Stripes "Blue Orchid" and married in 2005.

You can safely say that Jack's style is very personal, most of his outfits consisting of black and red shirt and tie combo's. Or all red, whatever works, Monsieur likes colour blocking evidently .

Red and white psychedelic patterns cover their records, De Stijl artwork inspired an album. Its all very circus and theatrical, just see their website! I love the pinstripes.

Despite the band now being dead, we still can look forward to more Jack in the Raconteurs and his new band The Dead Weather. 

A few last words...Jack White give me my hair back!


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