Saturday, 23 April 2011


When in Rome, do as the Romans Vogue Italia!

Yes! My first Italian Vogue, with it's glossy pages filled with some familiar advertisements...and some new obviously Italian names. Within its crisp pages a flyer is found, 50% off a subscription to Vogue. I am so there.

Anyway's, I shall get to the shocking subject in hand my dears, but bear with me!

So I browsed the Vogue Italia's webpage in hope of a link to subscription, but instead I came across something inspiring yet disturbing: A piece on Pro-Anorexia websites and blogs. I never knew such things existed but they do! Gross. Anorexia is a serious issue and some bloggers are posting that its fine to be competitive about your body shape, even promoting anorexia. One such website is PRO-ANA which is a blog instructing people on how to avoid eating and how to purge, even how to fast. I watch enough Supersize vs. Superskinny to understand that purging is not good for you and fasting is something only to be done in certain situations, look to Gandhi. The bloggers motto is...

"Christians believe in God, I beleive in ANA"

The worst thing is that this blog belongs to a 17 year old.

Please sign Vogue Italia's Petition to ban Pro-Anorexia sites here. I know its your body and everything but how can you be comfortable looking like this. Your body is yours, do what you like but what is the attraction? Sure I'd rather be thin than fat, but when you cross that fine line of obsession you're never coming back.

Pretty shocking that anyone would want to look like that. One girl commented on PRO-ANA this: "If you care about people starving so much, focus your efforts on people who DON'T do it of their own volition because they enjoy doing it. There's a ton of starving countries that would LOVE your help, I'm sure." 

I dont think she should bring starving countries into the mix since so much food is wasted through purging which is, evidently, promoted.

Thanks for being patient when I was rambling on...



  1. This is a big issue. I am all for freedom of speech and respect the fact that people have blogs of all matters, but anorexia is something not to be joked with or encouraged. I really don't think people aspire to be that thin, but once the disease gets a hold of you its kind of hard to fight it. Some people often get to judgmental with people with anorexia when they really don't understand how the disease works or affects someone and that can be an issue as well. Nonetheless, this is a really great post and I too would encourage people to sign the petition, just because anorexia is something that should not be encouraged,

    All the best, Angel

  2. Thanks Angel!

    I totally agree, anorexia is both a physical and mental disease and really shouldn't be encouraged but also, yeah, everyone should be able to choose how they look after their bodies but anorexia is just so extreme.

    Thanks Angel :)



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