Tuesday, 26 April 2011

H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection

H&M have just relaunched their charity collection, their saying being "I wear, I care."

This is the 4th year that H&M and other designers are supporting Fashion Against AIDS. The unisex collection is...interesting, seeing as I haven't seen a dude in a jumpsuit in a long while. Anyway, 25% of all proceedings are this year, helping develop AIDS awareness among youths aswell as supporting HIV/AIDS projects run by organisations like DAA, Youth AIDS, UNFPA, and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. Celebrities are snapped for the campaign such as Keri Hilson, Akon and the Scissor Sisters...and many more musicians whose music I don't like, but of course their support for the cause is great!

A great charity, but great clothes? Check out the pieces from the unisex collection, the only one missing is the Scissor Sisters snap, it wont work. Apologies. 

Hmm...anyway's, if your interested in the collection feel free to click here and be redirected to H&M.


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