Thursday, 28 April 2011

Photography/ Suren Manvelyan

Stumbling, again.

Today is photogra-Thursday, I've decided since I have focused on photography plenty today.


I found these stunning photos on this website. If your just scanning this post you will probably think "Yeah whatever, they're eyes. They look pretty similar." Well if you look closer the patterns are unimaginable. Plain boring brown eyes? I think not.


Butterflies are simply stunning, no?  Dainty, floating insects. Delicate and gentle. Suren captures butterflies war paint in a way that makes you forget their fragility.  Some are dusty and graffiti like, others electric and like fireworks on my birthday (New Years Eve).  

All photo's by and copyrighted by Suren Manvelyan.  This shows that were all unique - every creature, I doubt even the most identical of twins have anywhere near identical eyes, each butterfly an individual. 

Suren has many other styles of work in his gallery and I highly recommend  you explore them.


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  1. wauw, this is perfect! really love it! x


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