Friday, 29 April 2011

New Dutchess of Cambridge, What a Day for British Fashion!

Well, Sarah Burton, you truly have out done yourself! Alexander McQueen truly will be remembered thanks to your craftsmanship. Kate's dress was the most understated yet stunning dress I have ever seen. Also Vivienne Westwood's hats for Eugene and Beatrice were awesome! What a day for British fashion.

The long sleeves with lace trim, train and veil. So simple. So statement.

Congratulations Will and Kate!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Photography/ Suren Manvelyan

Stumbling, again.

Today is photogra-Thursday, I've decided since I have focused on photography plenty today.


I found these stunning photos on this website. If your just scanning this post you will probably think "Yeah whatever, they're eyes. They look pretty similar." Well if you look closer the patterns are unimaginable. Plain boring brown eyes? I think not.


Butterflies are simply stunning, no?  Dainty, floating insects. Delicate and gentle. Suren captures butterflies war paint in a way that makes you forget their fragility.  Some are dusty and graffiti like, others electric and like fireworks on my birthday (New Years Eve).  

All photo's by and copyrighted by Suren Manvelyan.  This shows that were all unique - every creature, I doubt even the most identical of twins have anywhere near identical eyes, each butterfly an individual. 

Suren has many other styles of work in his gallery and I highly recommend  you explore them.


In the Family

I StumbledUpon this photographers work written in a blog which you can link to here

These photographs are of the photographers daughters. Jason captures his sweet children's fun and excitement creatively, it all seems like one great big party!

Jason Lee's day job is a wedding photographer, but despite the beautiful memories he captures of couples none can compare to those he has taken of his daughters.

So much life in one little picture, a literal little bundle of joy!

For an interview with Jason click here.


Inspiration/ Tumblr

I'm going to try and post daily 10 pictures of inspiration, but bear with me - life's shockingly busy at the moment. I'm sure yours is too.

I'm feeling for some Doc's right now.
All images via blogs on Tumblr, through We Heart It.


I Wont Ever Get One


I still love these tattoo's!


♪I want to get away, I want to fly away...♪


If Only the Royal Wedding Would Go Down Like This

T-Mobiles latest advert really shows that "lifes for sharing", we may not all have invites but we can all imagine how the fairytale wedding will go down!

If only!

One's Lifes For Sharing.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection

H&M have just relaunched their charity collection, their saying being "I wear, I care."

This is the 4th year that H&M and other designers are supporting Fashion Against AIDS. The unisex collection is...interesting, seeing as I haven't seen a dude in a jumpsuit in a long while. Anyway, 25% of all proceedings are this year, helping develop AIDS awareness among youths aswell as supporting HIV/AIDS projects run by organisations like DAA, Youth AIDS, UNFPA, and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. Celebrities are snapped for the campaign such as Keri Hilson, Akon and the Scissor Sisters...and many more musicians whose music I don't like, but of course their support for the cause is great!

A great charity, but great clothes? Check out the pieces from the unisex collection, the only one missing is the Scissor Sisters snap, it wont work. Apologies. 

Hmm...anyway's, if your interested in the collection feel free to click here and be redirected to H&M.


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