Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thing for Dull Winter Days

Homework isn't one of them. Honestly those winter days move so sluggishly by there has to be some form of antidote. Here's something to try if your feeling creative. Once you make the sample, maybe it will bloom into something bigger: a bag, a cushion? You'll never know till you try this. Basically what you will make with these easy - I hope - instructions is a Cut 'n' Slash sample.

You will need: 3 pieces of fabric with different thickness's if you have some lying around - all the same size and dimensions - different colours would be fantastic, a sewing machine (or a needle and thread if you are hand sewing), fabric scissors, a handful of pins (not literally as that will hurt), a ruler.

Stage 1: Take three pieces of fabric, the technique is more effective if you use different thicknesses, and layer them putting the thinnest on top and thickest on the bottom.
Step 2: Pin the fabric together along the edges.
Step 3: On the back of the fabric, draw as many vertical lines 1 centimetre apart as you can.
Step 4: Using a straight stitch, sew along your vertical lines, reversing at the beginning and end of the stitch.
Step 5: Cut in between your vertical lines using a pair of sharp fabric scissors but make sure not to cut through your thick bottom layer of fabric.
Step 6: Turn your material so that your stitches run horizontally. Pinch the material trapped either side of one of your stitches together and pin along the middle. Do this for each slash.
Step 7: Down one side of the pinned horizontal stitches, fold the pinched fabric up and straight stitch down them.
Step 8: Repeat Step 7 but stitch the other edge of fabric in the opposite direction.
Step 9: Unpin the slashes.
Step 10: Fray the edges do give the finished article a edgy look.

Your completed sample should look like this - or better!!


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