Friday, 3 December 2010

Gucci's Children's Collection: Playground

Like I said yesterday, iPhone's are a must for keeping updated.
Gucci has released it's first ever Child clothing line which is pretty exciting stuff. The collection has been split into two halves: 0 to 2 year old's and 2 to 8 years. To celebrate Gucci's 6 year bond with UNICEF, Gucci donated one million dollars to UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" campaign.

For advertisement, Frida wanted to use the houses best know icons to keep the Gucci spirit. Frida also mentions that she's always been a fan of Jennifer Lopez' not only for her music but her acting too, but Frida also sees her as a loving mother which makes her role in the campaign worthwhile as the campaign is not just for the collection, but for UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" because in the words of Frida, "Education is for Life." So Jennifer Lopez and her two twin children Emme and Max became the faces of the campaign along side Gucci's famous teddy-bear emblem. Here are some favourite looks of mine from the Gucci Children Line Spring/Summer 2011 Looks:

All Images Courtesy of Gucci

As you can see most of my favourite looks are of the boys clothing, in my opinion I think her boys designs are stronger that the girls. I really do love the variety of mini blazers I've seen, they're really cute and the varsity bomber is adorable. I also love the fourth look with the interlocking G's sweater and jeans, it's so laid back and full of attitude. The shoes are so sweet, mini deck shoes on the boys as well as wellies galore! My favourite girls look has to be the traditional trench coat and I love seeing the smattering of Gucci logo and coloured belts and stripes on T-shirts. Over all I prefer the boys children look to the girls looks as the boys seem to have more range and I could see them being worn more during the summer months - the boys looks I feel are more fashionable, the first image is a miniature version of a blazer I could swear Chuck Bass off of Gossip Girl would wear. 

Here's the behind the scenes video into the creation of the collection, enjoy. 

For the full collection and more information, click here.

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