Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dita Von Teese: tFS Are You Crazy?

I haunted The Fashion Spot, the online fashion community, for months and months before my acceptance which, funnily enough, gave me the confidence to start this blog. As I visit this site everyday without fail I stumble upon many of their fashion articles, usually I'm in agreement with their views but five minutes ago I cam across something I disagree with a passion.

The Fashion Spot have published a post named Dita Von Teese: The Art of Dressing Like A Lady. Feel free to check the link. I stubbornly disagree with this article as Dita Von Teese is, in my opinion, only very occasionally well dressed.  On my favourite blog, Go Fug Yourself, I found one of their humorous posts on the style of who they call Dita Fugtease where the celeb in question was wearing my curtains. No joke. I will admit that Dita looks good in the navy coloured dress in the first image of The Fashion Spot's publication, but in all honesty these are my curtains she's wearing!

The pattern she's wearing is a historical textile that is in my dad's office downstairs as curtains and wallpaper. I don't hate her style, it's unusual and individual which is great, but sometimes its gone too far. 

All Dita Von Teese Images Courtesy of Go Fug Yourself

For full Dita Von Teese scary click this link here.

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