Monday, 20 December 2010

The End of an Era

X Factor is over, thank God, I was beginning to get bored.
However who was the best dressed? Dannii Minogue or Cheryl Cole?
Item A: Dannii.

This picture sums it all up to be honest. Classy, sophisticated and ever so chic. She's got an amazing figure considering she gave birth to little baby Ethan in early July. She looks so amazing here in a J'Aton Couture dress, one of her favourite looks of mine, by far more fashionable than Cheryl's cheesy rhinestone mess ups. 

Item 2: Cheryl Cole

Anyone else think these dresses look similar? Which one is by Zuhair Murad I ask you? Anyway I feel I should give Cheryl credit, this is one of her better outfits. This, another Zuhair dress is even better:


Oh my lordy.

The fashionistas of Elle agree that Dannii was way better dressed throughout he series. In a poll 80% voted Dannii  with a disastrous 20% voting for Cheryl. What do you think?

Who dressed better on the X Factor 2010?

Dannii Minogue
Cheryl Cole

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Chanel's New Belle

How lovely life is without internet.
Oh how I am joking. I was 1 of 3000 households in my town without internet or calls for over a week. It was horrific. So here's my first post for a week and sorry for the delay.

Blake Lively, Gossip Girls Serena, will become the new face for Chanel's adored handbags. Blake has expressively been a fan of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld's - she scored herself a front row seat at the Haute Couture show in Paris last Summer. Check out some of her best Chanel looks:


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thing for Dull Winter Days

Homework isn't one of them. Honestly those winter days move so sluggishly by there has to be some form of antidote. Here's something to try if your feeling creative. Once you make the sample, maybe it will bloom into something bigger: a bag, a cushion? You'll never know till you try this. Basically what you will make with these easy - I hope - instructions is a Cut 'n' Slash sample.

You will need: 3 pieces of fabric with different thickness's if you have some lying around - all the same size and dimensions - different colours would be fantastic, a sewing machine (or a needle and thread if you are hand sewing), fabric scissors, a handful of pins (not literally as that will hurt), a ruler.

Stage 1: Take three pieces of fabric, the technique is more effective if you use different thicknesses, and layer them putting the thinnest on top and thickest on the bottom.
Step 2: Pin the fabric together along the edges.
Step 3: On the back of the fabric, draw as many vertical lines 1 centimetre apart as you can.
Step 4: Using a straight stitch, sew along your vertical lines, reversing at the beginning and end of the stitch.
Step 5: Cut in between your vertical lines using a pair of sharp fabric scissors but make sure not to cut through your thick bottom layer of fabric.
Step 6: Turn your material so that your stitches run horizontally. Pinch the material trapped either side of one of your stitches together and pin along the middle. Do this for each slash.
Step 7: Down one side of the pinned horizontal stitches, fold the pinched fabric up and straight stitch down them.
Step 8: Repeat Step 7 but stitch the other edge of fabric in the opposite direction.
Step 9: Unpin the slashes.
Step 10: Fray the edges do give the finished article a edgy look.

Your completed sample should look like this - or better!!


Friday, 3 December 2010


Here's a few of my photos of Britain's recent snowfalls - these are of the snowfalls near me in Polsden Lacey, a National Trust Park.

All Photo's Copyrighted to Des Callender_09 Photography

Gucci's Children's Collection: Playground

Like I said yesterday, iPhone's are a must for keeping updated.
Gucci has released it's first ever Child clothing line which is pretty exciting stuff. The collection has been split into two halves: 0 to 2 year old's and 2 to 8 years. To celebrate Gucci's 6 year bond with UNICEF, Gucci donated one million dollars to UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" campaign.

For advertisement, Frida wanted to use the houses best know icons to keep the Gucci spirit. Frida also mentions that she's always been a fan of Jennifer Lopez' not only for her music but her acting too, but Frida also sees her as a loving mother which makes her role in the campaign worthwhile as the campaign is not just for the collection, but for UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" because in the words of Frida, "Education is for Life." So Jennifer Lopez and her two twin children Emme and Max became the faces of the campaign along side Gucci's famous teddy-bear emblem. Here are some favourite looks of mine from the Gucci Children Line Spring/Summer 2011 Looks:

All Images Courtesy of Gucci

As you can see most of my favourite looks are of the boys clothing, in my opinion I think her boys designs are stronger that the girls. I really do love the variety of mini blazers I've seen, they're really cute and the varsity bomber is adorable. I also love the fourth look with the interlocking G's sweater and jeans, it's so laid back and full of attitude. The shoes are so sweet, mini deck shoes on the boys as well as wellies galore! My favourite girls look has to be the traditional trench coat and I love seeing the smattering of Gucci logo and coloured belts and stripes on T-shirts. Over all I prefer the boys children look to the girls looks as the boys seem to have more range and I could see them being worn more during the summer months - the boys looks I feel are more fashionable, the first image is a miniature version of a blazer I could swear Chuck Bass off of Gossip Girl would wear. 

Here's the behind the scenes video into the creation of the collection, enjoy. 

For the full collection and more information, click here.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dita Von Teese: tFS Are You Crazy?

I haunted The Fashion Spot, the online fashion community, for months and months before my acceptance which, funnily enough, gave me the confidence to start this blog. As I visit this site everyday without fail I stumble upon many of their fashion articles, usually I'm in agreement with their views but five minutes ago I cam across something I disagree with a passion.

The Fashion Spot have published a post named Dita Von Teese: The Art of Dressing Like A Lady. Feel free to check the link. I stubbornly disagree with this article as Dita Von Teese is, in my opinion, only very occasionally well dressed.  On my favourite blog, Go Fug Yourself, I found one of their humorous posts on the style of who they call Dita Fugtease where the celeb in question was wearing my curtains. No joke. I will admit that Dita looks good in the navy coloured dress in the first image of The Fashion Spot's publication, but in all honesty these are my curtains she's wearing!

The pattern she's wearing is a historical textile that is in my dad's office downstairs as curtains and wallpaper. I don't hate her style, it's unusual and individual which is great, but sometimes its gone too far. 

All Dita Von Teese Images Courtesy of Go Fug Yourself

For full Dita Von Teese scary click this link here.

Snow is Falling...

Today, Great Britain receives its second day of snow since March early this year.
I for one love the snow, I mean, why not? School shuts and I probably wont be going to school tomorrow, just like I didn't today, or yesterday for that matter. Snow is fantastically beautiful before it turns all dirty and slushy. My cousins haven't ever witnessed snow, my friends cousins in Sicily didn't know what snow was.

Snow reminds me of Chanel's winter wonderland  A/W 2010/2011 collection shown at Paris Fashion Week.

All Chanel Images Courtesy of

Or even Dolce and Gabbana's with their Christmas-y print knits also for A/W 2010/2011.

All D&G Images Courtesy of
Yes, those collections seem to have shown ages ago and, yes, I know that but I'm just posting images of collections that I think of when I'm inspired by what's going on in the now, even if it means going all the way back to Dior Couture in 1947.

The iPhone

My happiest moment I've had with my Dad's 3G that he handed on to me has to be the opportunity to download the Chanel, D&G, Dior, Fendi, Gucci and Donna Karan apps, curl up in bed and watch the Fashion Shows. Really if you haven't got one already, its a worthy investment - probably a better investment that the Lulu Guinness handbags she was claiming to be an investment at their £800 price on QVC yesterday.

So do you have snow where you are?? Britain isn't exactly Siberia but we certainly do get the snow - a good 4 inches covered the garden this morning and at 12:49 today its still falling down. If your working from home or off school enjoy your snow day!

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