Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Would You Fake It?

Now I myself would never buy a fake designer handbag, the whole idea of stealing another's design and name, also their logo which they've worked so hard to be recognised for, makes me feel so sympathetic to the designers.

My inspiration behind this post is just to voice that fact that fakes seem to be everywhere...

So this October I went on a Flotilla Holiday with one of my best friends to sail around the Greek Islands. A beautiful place Corfu Island is but it seems so littered with decrepit buildings and poverty. Even with all the poverty they still manage to sell fakes. At one of the ports along the way the harbour was covered with stores, in one, shelves upon shelves of designer knock-off's. I mean c'mon!! A Tous tote bag??? Tous aren't even famous for their handbags!! A clear plastic Dior rucksack, an ugly Chanel denim thing - god it was horrific- your typical Louis Vuitton fakes and your Prada hobo's. Most of these fakes could easily pass as the real deal if only the quality was better(e.g. the leather and interior). There was one exception -the Chanel bag. As if Chanel would design anything as grimy as that.

Well that's my rant over. The thing that surprised me most was the fact that all of the logos were identical to the originals, whereas in major cities the vendors have fake logos like instead of Gucci interlocking G's they're like Q's or something.

So, would you fake it?

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