Thursday, 25 November 2010

Maja Mayskär

Image courtesy of Stokholmsgruppen
Another beautiful new face that I came across on Maja is already signed with IMG thanks to her mother agency Stokholmsgruppen - evidently this girl is going to be big.

I am in love with her lips and those piercing blue pools of eyes!! She's definatly a very promising model as she's been booked with high-rollers like Acne, Gant and Dagmar...Elle booked her twice within a short period of time. She even has her own Perfume with her face plastered on the box: Maja Mayskär - Body Splash with Stokholmsgruppen Cosmetics.

At 16 years of age in 2009, Maja won the 'Super Model 400' competition out of over 6000 applicants.

According to Swedish 'Chic Magazine', Maja Mayskär is the new supermodel.

And here I was thinking the supermodel was dead along with the Size Zero...
Image courtesy of Mega Model Agency

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