Friday, 26 November 2010

Designers/ Hussein Chalayan

Is it humanly possible to hit a rounders ball at your own head? I would think not, until I did.
Is it therefore humanly possible to have not of heard of the genius that is Hussein Chalayan? Sadly I think it might be. I myself find it sad that some have not been knowingly exposed to this guys genius, he is the technological designer of the future, using insane graphical designs,  lasers and whatnot. Perhaps you've seen this dress?

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This probably is one of the coolest dresses to grace the runway.This high-tech dress features a light display system within the dress structure so that the pattern portrayed on the textiles can be changed.

 Another famous Chalayan creation was sported by a now huge pop star, she has probably shocked you if your not a fan of her work, or perhaps you've loved this stars fierce confidence and outgoing style.

Nope? How about now?

Yes, Lady Gaga proves a huge Chalayan fan. This girl does have good taste in my opinion (i.e. her love affair with McQueen) even if it roams on the costume-y side of avant-garde. Check it out. 

With so many crazy looks and futuristic inspirations, it often leaves me wondering whether Hussein Chalayan can produce work that's wearable!! Obviously he can; he is after all a Brit/Turk fashion genius. Here is the Hussein Chalayan Autumn Winter Mirage Collection. Slouchy blazers and skirts with thigh-high slits are a must apparently. His inspiration for this Collection seems to be the American Hurricane Ivan and Mexico. Frankly I love the unconventional mix. Enjoy!

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