Friday, 19 November 2010


This is Rachel.
I am one of many fashion obsessed teens out there and I'm using this Blog to express myself.
Don't be scared.
I will try my best to balance my pretty GCSE hectic school life with my passion fuelled fashion one by posting inspiration as often as I can to you guys.

About me: I love Hussain Chalayan and his amazing graphical based designs, I love The Fashion Spot which I was accepted to today! My family are adorable, my friends more so. I went to my first fashion show at 6 years old. Hell if I know why, I asked my parents and even they don't know why.

I'm determined to become something big in the Fashion Industry, from modelling to editorial, if you don't believe that it's possible that I take the industry and my future seriously, get this, I already know what college I'm planning on going to.

I love Italy. It's a second home to me. Celebrity spotting, watching Chanel film outside of their Firenzi store, searching for vintage Burberry shirts in stores down the cob-belled side roads. What's not to like?

I love London, it's possibly the thing that inspires me most in life; the bustling bridges squashed up with commuters, taking the train, walking down Oxford Street and finding my way to Liberty's to stare at the beautiful draped dresses and smelling the thick scent of Italian Leather.

I hope to bring this to you, where ever you are. To share a little bit of me - are you willing to share too?

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